The Great War blog series

Spartan warrior in armor and spear standing over a cliff, against an orange sky background

I’ve been on a great writing kick over at R Street, most recently finishing up a 6-part blog series on what I call, with intentional dramatic flair, the “Great War” for the future of internet governance. It’s a composite of (at least) six distinct wars, so in addition to the overview post setting up the series, I wrote a post on each of the battlegrounds as I see them. I’m posting here to link out to them, and to include some favorite snippets from each. At the end of the day, though — despite all the fighting (and the significant underlying problems motivating it) — I remain an optimist!

From the overview: “While we are in a time of intense political strife, there is a light at the end of the internet governance tunnel. … But today, that light is hard to see. And the mirage-filled battlefield on which the future of internet governance is being shaped has many dimensions to it.”



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Chris Riley

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